Agu Banque which provides advisory and loan services to people with poor credit profiles. Agu Banque, we understand that everyone makes mistakes in life. However, a mistake in the world of credit can be very humiliating.

Hounded by collection agencies, shunned by lenders and with no recourse to professional advice, defaulting borrowers seldom get a second chance. How can you cut your debt? How can you improve your CIBIL score? How can you get professional advice without having to pay expensive fees? How can you deal with collection agencies who are harassing you? How can you get a loan if you have a poor CIBIL score ?

Agu Banque caters to the needs of defaulting borrowers by providing a platform where they can assess their credit situation, obtain free advice on how to manage their debt, get loans, the opportunity to access information and resources and even be rewarded for making progress.



1. Download Customers Credit Report.
On enrolment with Agu Banque, we follow 2 simple stages process Stage 1: We collect all the necessary documentation and information from you. After this we will apply for a CIR with Credit Report. While awaiting the credit report we will use the information obtained from you on different loans, cards and liabilities and draw up matrix on Income / Expenditure, Assets/ Liabilities and arrive at debt equity ratio.

2. Understand what is Customer needs and Requirements.
Stage 2: On receipt of your CIR from Credit Report, we will analyse your CIR completely along with the (other information we have received from you and what we have derived). On completion of this process we will interpret our findings and give you a detailed report on the analysis made. This report will also include any remedial actions or preventive steps to be taken.


1. Complete detail investigation on the Credit Report and highlight Open Issues and Problems.
Just reading the credit report is not enough, you need to be able to visualize your present and futuristic financial credit worthiness by analysing your credit report, income and expenses pattern and your debt equity ratio. We at “Agu Banque Advisory Solution in Chennai” have expert professionals who carry with them immense experience working with various Nationalized and MNC banks in the loan disbursal departments. These experts have worked on thousands of loan applications on eligibility and have made decisions on the outcome of the loan applications.

When you opt for our CREDIT ANALYZER AND CREDIT CLEARENCE, we do a detailed analysis of your credit report, income expenses pattern, debt equity ratios and interpret our findings to your cibil Score management services in Bangalore. Not only this but also our experts will also suggest your remedial actions to be taken, how to fix Bad CREDIT score so as not to get into unpleasant rejections of loans in the future. We help you in Proactive and reactive approach as required to manage your finances.

2. Provide consultation to Customer on the Credit report for resolution.
On completion of the enrolment process and obtaining all the necessary documentation, you can apply for a CIR from Credit Report through us On receipt of your CIR our review team will have a one to one talk with you either face to face or over phone and discuss in detail the issues on your credit report and also take information from you on the loan products you have serviced. At the completion of this process our review team will update you on errors if any on your Bad CREDIT score solution and also update you on the issues on your credit report that are effecting your credit score and in turn your ability to avail any credit score repair facilities with financial institutions.


1. Assist to Clear all Open Issues and Problems in the Credit Report.
On completion of the conversation and after the inputs obtained from you, our review team will initiate the process of fixing the errors in your credit report if any and or put a detailed road map on how to resolve the issues on your credit report and increase your score. This apart our professionals will walk hand in hand to help you Credit clearance services & Bad Cibil score solution in Tamil Nadu. As a client of Agu Banque Advisory Solutions you will be able to avail the services of the credit review team whenever you require.

2. Enrich Credit Score on the Credit Report
Our expert professionals have helped hundreds of individuals over the years in fixing errors on credit reports and also improving the credit score to a considerable number to start availing loans. In addition, our experts are available by phone or email to provide useful coaching regarding other credit score enhancing steps you can take.

Values & Philosophy

Our focus is on saving you money while getting you out of the debt trap. We make every step of the process as transparent as possible, because we want every client to feel confident in their partnership with us.

Our Mission

Our expertise in problem solving and help our clients to eliminate debt on their ways of life and to ensure debt and stress-free future. To create strong partnership with the financial institutions to resolve a smooth closure of our clients outstanding debts and ensure satisfactory outcome to our clients and financial institutes.

Gear our employees to maximize problem solving ability and to create professional and healthy future for themselves personally and in assisting Clients through their hard time.